Awards and Recognitions

The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE)

20th Annual CIGIE Awards – OIG honorees​ (2017)

This year's CIGIE Awards ceremony was held on October 19, 2017. Among those activities honored in the federal inspector general community with an "Award for Excellence - Excellence in Evaluations" were an OIG "Inspection of the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration." Office of Inspection team members included: Arne Baker, Robert Beecroft, John Bush, Eric Chavera, Marc Desjardins, Richard English, Leo Hession, Tanya Manglona, Amanda Marsh, Edward Messmer, Monica O’Keefe, Matt Ragnetti, Abigail Reese (Audits) and Iris Rosenfeld. The CIGIE award citation read, " In recognition of extraordinary efforts in the identification of serious data vulnerabilities in the Department’s Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System."  


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19th Annual CIGIE Awards – OIG honorees​ (2016)

At this year's CIGIE Awards ceremony on October 20, 2016, one of the Office of Inspection's teams won a group award for "Excellence in Evaluations."

The winning report was "Management Alert: Information Security in the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System."  The team's exceptional work identified serious data vulnerabilities in the Department’s "Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System." This team included Arne Baker, Robert Beecroft, John Bush, Eric Chavera, Marc Desjardins, Richard English, Leo Hession, Tanya Manglona, Amanda Marsh, Edward Messmer, Monica O’Keefe, Matt Ragnetti, Abigail Reese, and Iris Rosenfeld.

Congratulations to all!

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18th Annual CIGIE Awards – OIG honorees​ (2015)

On October 22, 2015, CIGIE held their 18th annual inspector general community awards ceremony, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as the keynote speaker.

In fiscal year 2014, the IG community identified potential savings of over $46.5 billion as well as program efficiencies and enhancements. Offices of Inspectors Generals (OIGs) successfully investigated individuals and entities who threatened government integrity and the public trust. Cumulatively, these efforts resulted in $13.8 billion in potential savings from audit recommendations; $32.7 billion in potential savings from investigative recoveries and receivables; over 5,500 indictments and criminal information; over 5,800 successful prosecutions; over 5,100 suspensions and debarments; and over 547,000 hotline complaints processed.

OIG honorees included former AIG/Inspections, Bob Peterson, who was presented with the June Gibbs Brown Career Achievement Award. The citation read, “For sustained and significant contributions to the mission of the Office of Inspector General at the Department of State and Broadcasting Board of Governors for nearly three decades.”

The Law Enforcement Reform Program in Pakistan Audit Team was honored “In recognition of exceptional achievements of the audit team that contributed to improved program efficiency for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement and identified approximately $65 million that was put to better use.” AUD team members included: Victoria A. AshleyJim Pollard and David Chappell.

The Security Team of the Office of Inspections was cited “In recognition of exemplary work during FY 2014 that led to improvements in the security of U.S. diplomatic missions, potentially saving lives during any future attacks.” Team honorees included: Tom Allsbury, Darren Felsburg, Barry Langevin, Chris Mack, Shawn O’Reilly, John Philibin, Lavon Sajona and Richard Sypher. 

Several representatives from OIG were recognized as members of the Interagency International Ebola Response and Preparedness Oversight Team “In recognition of the distinguished achievements of the OIGs of USAID, DoD, DOS, and HHS for oversight of the U.S. Government’s international response and preparedness efforts associated with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.” They included Tinh Nguyen/MERO, Carol E. Hare/AUD, Melissa A. Bauer/AUD, Upeksha Peramune/AUD and William Stapleton.


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17th Annual CIGIE Awards – OIG honorees​ (2014)

The Office of Audits received the Award for Excellence in Audits for a series of reports that advanced the Department’s efforts to protect personnel, facilities, and national-security information (“Series of Audits to Assess the Department of State’s Security Posture”). Immediately following the Benghazi attacks, 27 staff members from AUD worked on a series of eight audits that addressed the security posture of selected posts, including physical and procedural security measures, emerging-threat information use, emergency-action planning preparation, and processes to request physical-security resources. In addition, these staff members issued 10 “Outlines for Action,” identifying weaknesses that required expeditious attention by Department management.

Overall, the AUD teams’ work resulted in 164 recommendations to enhance the protection of Department personnel, facilities, and national-security information at U.S. missions overseas. Of the recommendations offered, more than 60% have already been implemented, and AUD continues to take aggressive steps to press for actions to address the remaining recommendations through its compliance process.

The Office of Inspections (ISP) was recognized for their Special Review of the Accountability Review Board (ARB) Process. They received the Award for Excellence in Evaluations for their review of the process by which ARBs are established, staffed, and supported. OIG inspectors reviewed all 12 ARBs established during 1998–2012 to evaluate the Department’s compliance follow-up process, including the methodology used for tracking and monitoring the implementation of ARB recommendations. The team also reviewed the Department’s progress in implementing the 29 recommendations issued in the Benghazi ARB report. The inspection team included team leader Ambassador George Moose, deputy team leader Richard Sypher, inspectors Ashea Riley, Bill Urbanski, David Bocskor, Don Hays, Robyn Hinson-Jones, and management analyst Arianna Barcham.

The Office of Investigations received the Award of Excellence in Investigations, Individual awarded to Special Agent (SA) Jeff Whitney for his exceptional performance in the conduct of investigations supporting contingency operations in Southwest Asia and the protection of high-risk Department resources. SA Whitney led two complex investigations in Kabul, Afghanistan, which resulted in a $1.7 million cost savings to the Department and a combined debarment of at least 26 contractor entities. These investigations involved schemes relating to bid rigging, antitrust violations, bribery, conflict of interest, and violations of the Procurement Integrity Act. SA Whitney diligently and effectively worked with prosecutors from the Department of Justice and Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service to interview several witnesses and subjects, write and serve multiple search warrants and travel to dangerous environments within Afghanistan in order to accomplish investigative objectives. SA Whitney also met with numerous Department and Embassy Officials to aide them in their efforts to improve their processes to ensure these types of schemes are not replicated in the future.

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