Office of Evaluations and Special Projects

Jeffrey McDermott
Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations and Special Projects


ESP’s Focus

The Office of Evaluations and Special Projects (ESP) was established in 2014 to strengthen OIG’s oversight of the Department and USAGM, and to improve OIG’s capabilities to meet statutory requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012. ESP will fulfill OIG’s whistleblower protection duties by educating Department andUSAGM employees and contractors on the protections from retaliation for disclosing fraud, waste, or abuse.

ESP is also responsible for reviewing allegations of administrative misconduct by senior officials, and issuing management alerts to highlight urgent need for corrective actions and capping reports on thematic areas of concern. Additionally, ESP is responsible for special evaluations and reviews, including responses to congressional inquiries. The work of this new office complements the work of OIG’s audits, investigations, and inspections by developing a capacity to focus on broader, systemic issues.


Since its creation, ESP has issued several products. It prepared and issued a Management Alert on Grant Management Deficiencies (MA-14-03), which highlights significant deficiencies in Department grants management oversight, identified by several recent audits and inspections. ESP has also produced a Review of Selected Internal Investigations Conducted by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (ESP-15-01), which examined allegations of undue influence and favoritism in eight high-profile internal investigations conducted by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS).