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27 Products 12 Management and Operations related reports 153 Recommendations  14 Ongoing & Planned Oversight Projects The Ukraine related activities of the Department of State (Department) and the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) are a top oversight priority for the Office of Inspector General (OIG). The complexity, scale, and timing of efforts in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine demand robust oversight. We are leveraging our extensive knowledge of the programs and operations of the Department and USAGM to provide timely oversight of the Ukraine response effort and critical information for Congress and the U.S. taxpayer.  

Multiple federal agencies are responding to the crisis and OIG is coordinating with offices across the inspector general community, including inspector general offices at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). A variety of working groups, comprised of auditors, inspectors, and investigators, are meeting on a regular basis to collaborate and achieve results. 

At OIG, we are deploying our resources, including recent supplemental funding, to target fraud, waste, and abuse in three high-risk areas: 

  • Security assistance and coordination
  • Non-security assistance (such as humanitarian and economic assistance) and coordination
  • Management and operations

State OIG, in association with the DoD and USAID OIGs, recently issued the second Joint Strategic Oversight Plan addressing the Ukraine response. The FY 2024 Joint Strategic Oversight Plan reflects the U.S. government accountability community’s ongoing and planned oversight work related to the Ukraine response as well as Operation Atlantic Resolve, the contingency operation that includes support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

The accountability community’s first Joint Strategic Oversight Plan for the Ukraine Response was issued in January 2023. State OIG along with its partners at DoD and USAID OIG subsequently issued a report on the progress of Ukraine response oversight activities in March 2023.

Above are links to our work. Below are links to DoD and USAID inspector general offices as well as additional Ukraine-related oversight information. 

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