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December 2020 Monthly Update of OIG Activities Image of Monthly Update

OIG published its Monthly Update for December 2020 of OIG activities. Please note that the title of the monthly update now corresponds to the month of activity being reported. Previously, the title include the month the update was issued.


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German Citizen Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Maryland Related to a Scheme to Defraud the U.S. State Department Image of OIG badge

Katrin Verclas, age 52, a native and citizen of Germany residing in Washington, D.C., pleaded guilty today in Maryland to federal charges of obstruction of a federal audit and causing a financial institution to fail to file a suspicious activity report (SAR), related to more than $1.2 million in U.S. State Department grant funds awarded to a corporation that Verclas controlled. 

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December 2020 Snapshot of OIG Activities Image of Monthly Update

OIG published its December 2020 snapshot of OIG activities, which highlights OIG work in November 2020.

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